August 8, 2015

About Us

event-1“Public-private partnerships are essential for advancing agriculture to meet global challenges in food security. We welcome the opportunity to expand our ability to create impact through partnership and collaboration.”


In early 2011, Syngenta Asia Pacific spearheaded the development of the RBI by partnering with Professor Paul Teng, an authority in the area of Asian food security, and Frontier Strategy Group, a global leader in information and advisory services. It was important to all three parties that the joint initiative focus on solutions that drive toward a continuously improving and strengthening food security environment in Asia, on both regional and country levels. To do this the group developed a differentiated approach that measured “Food Security Robustness,” measuring data series across four rubrics: Farm-Level, Demand and Price, Policy and Trade and Environmental. The resulting quantitative index and qualitative white paper analysis serve as positive engagement tools to engage relevant stakeholders in the area of Asian food security.

The RBI was formally launched in May 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, alongside the World Economic Forum’s East Asia Summit. Since its initial launch, Syngenta, Frontier Strategy Group and Paul Tang have taken measures to further the development of the RBI, and ensure its long-term impact. Following the RBI launch, they created an independent advisory board to support the development of RBI updates and drive future innovation of the RBI model. Advisory board members are comprised of distinguished executives, academics and policy makers.

The advisory board reviews and challenges the RBI and its findings on an ongoing basis, providing insight and commentary that form the basis of half- and full-year reviews. The members of the board also facilitate engagement with peers in their respective fields, resulting in an RBI that stands as a truly independent and transparent vehicle for positive change.

The RBI has been, and continues to be, central to hundreds of positive and constructive dialogues about food security robustness throughout Asia and around the world each year.

Our Governing Principles

  • Facilitate constructive and solutions-focused conversations.
  • Encourage greater levels of collaboration across all stakeholder groups.
  • Ensure transparency and credibility.