August 31, 2015



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As one of the largest and poorest countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is highly vulnerable to natural disaster risks resulting in food insecurity.

Severe flooding, droughts, and landslides have exacerbated existing food shortages through the destruction of staple crops and the displacement of affected populations. Chronic undernourishment and malnutrition especially plague those living below the national poverty line.

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Areas for Improvement

There are concrete goals policy makers can work towards to improve food security in Myanmar:

  • Myanmar is highly vulnerable to changes in environmental conditions, therefore efforts to improve food security in Myanmar should focus on this rubric
  • Adapting to rising sea levels, which can result agricultural productivity loss, are of great importance and will mitigate the effects of a dire food emergency
  • Increasing access to improved water sources in rural areas will have a positive impact on public health and agricultural productivity


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