August 31, 2015

New Zealand


NewZealand-threshold-2016Score: 71

New Zealand is the best performer in Rice Bowl Index and is in the top position in two of the four rubrics: Environmental Factors and Policy and Trade.

Food security in New Zealand is largely an issue of affordability that impacts the least advantaged. Controlling food price rises and increasing the affordability and nutritional content of food for the less advantaged segments of the population could make New Zealand the top performer in all four rubrics.

Score Detail


Areas for Improvement

There are concrete goals policy makers can work towards to improve food security in New Zealand:

  • By investing in increasing the amount of arable land New Zealand would improve its Farm-Level rubric score and be able to increase the amount of domestically produced crops
  • Policy makers should strive to maintain New Zealand’s impressive Ease of Doing Business ranking, which allows for an economically efficient food system

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