August 8, 2015



RiceBowl-Cover-20162016: Collective Responsibility

Food security continues to be at the top of many government agendas in Asia-Pacific. Government intervention in all areas of food and agriculture is increasing and whether this intervention is positive or negative depends on effective and robust dialogue.

The RBI is a tool designed to facilitate productive dialogue, collaboration and action between governments, the private sector and other key stakeholders in the area of food security. It assesses how robust a country’s capacity is to address the challenges of food security.

In this year’s paper, the RBI report focuses on steps that can be taken to further empower smallholders. At the center of this year’s report is the recommendation that collectively, there must be a greater focus on the needs of smallholder farmers. Accessibility and inclusivity are key pillars in empowering smallholders to improving robustness but this can only be fully realized through collaboration across the value-chain. The aim of collaboration is to improve smallholder resilience and to create functioning markets with price transparency, information flow and communication, transportation and storage, finance, knowledge transfer and extension and equality.

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